The future of fully autonomous systems has arrived.
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Making Decisions

Third Insight builds software that enables "Thinking Drones". Our patent drone platform uses visual understanding to solve problems, plan routes, and learn about its environment. Our approach is unlike any other kind of AI: we integrate deep learning (for object detection, recognition, and tracking) and graph-network algorithms (for on-line learning and inference) to perform real-time decision making based on context.


Autonomous Flight

Third Insight gives drones the ability to react more quickly to unexpected events around them. It also enables them to plan and execute complex actions that leverage super-human predictive intelligence. Our platform's computer vision and inference engine plug directly into standard consumer and commercial drone autopilots so thinking drones execute strategies to accomplish high-level goals set by their users.



As an NVIDIA Partner and member of its Inception Program, we have optimized both our computer vision and graph analytics for GPU-accelerated cloud and edge devices, such as the Jetson TX2. Our software integrates with consumer & commercial drone manufacturers as a "plug-and-play" hardware module for customers that want a quick, but full-featured AI solution.

Drones on our network get smarter and smarter over time as new learnings are transferred into a shared, cloud-based knowledge graph.